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Huwebes, Nobyembre 22, 2012

1. Training
Shih Tzus are very intelligent. You can literally see their thoughts through their eyes. Potty training is not very difficult as long as you are consistent with your efforts. 

Many Shih Tzus will learn to come tell you when they wish to go out.
These dogs also do well in obedience and agility trials, and training them is fun for both dog and owner. 

Shih Tzus want nothing more than to please you and spend time together, so keep the training full of positive reinforcement. 

Shih Tzus do not respond well to scolding, and they will stop responding to your efforts if they feel threatened or become upset. 

2. Grooming TipsEvery eight weeks shih tzu puppies should have their haircuts because shih tzu puppies have fast growing hair.

You should patiently comb their hair to maintain it beautiful and straight.And to make them neat and clean to avoid it being smelly.

 3. Socialization

Like any dog, he can become timid if he is not properly socialized when young. Early socialization helps ensure that your Shih Tzu puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog.

4. Avoid from heat

Like other breeds with short faces, the Shih Tzu is sensitive to heat. He should remain indoors in an air-conditioned room (or one with fans) on hot days so he doesn't suffer from heat exhaustion.

5. Exercise Need.

Shih Tzus do quite well when they receive moderate exercise. 

A daily walk of 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient to keep them toned, and the fresh air and change of perspective provide good mental stimulation. 

 Keep in mind, though, that these dogs can be real couch potatoes. 

If you neglect to walk them on a regular basis, they'll likely become overweight.

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